Wissam Al Mana

Art in all its glory is what I consider to be the most powerful form of communication and interaction. The ultimate form of expression...

"When I entered the Lazarides Gallery in 2015, I felt provocation in art, something I had yet to experience on such a scale. I was struck by the visceral feel of the pieces and knew from then that I wanted to be part of Steve’s vision.

This marked the beginning of my collaboration with Steve, and, in 2018, the launch of the Sackville Street flagship gallery became one of our largest projects together.

A merchant at heart and the executive director of Al Mana Group, a key part of my business and life has always been rooted in the encouragement of new ideas and taking joy in beautiful objects and experiences. My work has spanned different cultures and multiple countries, and I hope my experience in the retail and commerce sectors will create new opportunities for Lazinc, whilst respecting the culture and values of art.

You need to love art to succeed in its development and to share its voice. I love art. I am a collector of art and the owner of a gallery that prides itself on allowing artists to express and encourage their movement. Bringing new talent to the world of art excites me, and representing the finest profiles in street and contemporary art evokes a real sense of pride. This is what defines our vision.

Since the inception of Lazinc Steve and I have worked to curate and exhibit art which dares to make expressive and inherently beautiful statements about the world we live in. Together we have created a space to celebrate art which evokes that same visceral feeling of provocation which inspired our collaboration. We have launched a bold program of exhibitions to which present this shared vision which drives us for the world to see.

Working to foster that same spirit of provocation in art, Lazinc has strived to subvert and encourage our understanding of the nature of art though our events, featured artists and collaborations. Art should be without limits; only then can its truth be expressed with full potency to those who seek to understand its message and draw inspiration from their impressions. Our gallery is both a home and a playground for true artistic expression. Beauty for us is the raw, the real and the revelatory; as lovers of beauty we have aspired to create a space where both artists and art lovers can celebrate art in all its splendor. 

As a proud Qatari and adopted Londoner (I have lived in this great city for forty years), I look forward to taking Lazinc to the next level."

- Wissam Al Mana

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