SickboyMake It Last Forever

25 July - 30 August 2014
The Outsiders London

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25 July - 30 August 2014


The Outsiders London

UK street art pioneer Sickboy makes his first London gallery appearance this summer with Make It Last Forever, a multi-disciplinary exhibition designed specifically for The Outsiders London.


The bold, comprehensive showcase features a unique body of surreal, cosmic canvases alongside a technicolour installation inspired from personal assemblages and years of sacred memorabilia. Make It Last Forever celebrates a poignant embodiment of the artist's inspirations and creative endeavours to date, and provides a unique multimedia diary that seeks to outlive its creator.


Sickboy's playful visual language will reappear in several guises throughout the show, including his iconic temple shrines, ever-popular superman sculpture and distinctive sickboy coffin. Utilising a variety of mediums across both floors of the gallery the new body of work provides an unconventional narrative in the form of abstract large-scale canvases, sculpture and interactive installation.


Successfully transposing his controversial and subversive street exploits into the gallery environment, Sickboy seeks to highlight our transcient and fragile existence by asking how we can Make It Last Forever.

Exhibition Preview: Make It Last Forever

The Outsiders London are pleased to present a preview of Sickboy's debut show, Make It Last Forever. The show explores the UK street artist's vivid, forward-thinking paintings, installations and sculptures. 

Exhibition works

Make It Last Forever

Sickboy, Heaven and Earth, 2011

Sickboy, A Lovely Cloak of Worry, 2014

Sickboy, Inside My Head pt 3, 2014

Sickboy, Inside My Head pt 4, 2014

Sickboy, Happy Happy Joy Joy, 2014

Sickboy, From Here There''s No Turning Back, 2014

Sickboy, Tomorrows Halflife, 2014

Sickboy, Forever, 2014

Sickboy, Celestial Runway, 2014

Sickboy, Solution Based Theory, 2014

Sickboy, Polluted Pastime, 2014

Sickboy, Grog Face #10, 2014

Sickboy, Grog Face #11, 2014

Sickboy, Grog Face #12, 2014

Sickboy, Sickboy (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Red Temple (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Save The Youth (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Twig (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Make It last Forever (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Yellow Temple (Artist''s Proof), 2014

Sickboy, Disaster, 2014

Sickboy, Yellow Temple, 2014

Sickboy, Are You OK?, 2014

Sickboy, Sickboy, 2014

Sickboy, Make It Last Forever, 2014

Sickboy, Save the Youth, 2014

Sickboy, Twig, 2014

Sickboy, Saviour, 2014

Sickboy, Time Out with My Teardrops, 2014

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Make It Last Forever

Mixing Disney characters, rubbish and gifts, Sickboy’s art creates worlds that are bold, bright and surreal.
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Exhibition Preview: Sickboy

The Outsiders London presents a preview of Sickboy's show, Make It Last Forever. It explores the artist's vivid, forward-thinking paintings, installations and sculptures.
25 June 2014

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