Group show The Minotaur

11 - 25 October 2011
Off-Site (Old Vic Tunnels)

Exhibition detail

We are delighted to announce our return to The Old Vic Tunnels this year from 10th until 25th October. Countering the staid events of Frieze, this venue situated in the deepest, darkest depths below Waterloo Station will transform into an extension of Lazarides gallery with the addition of an underground restaurant staged by German culinary experts Pret A Diner.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek legend of The Minotaur, visitors will experience original installations by Stanley Donwood, Jonathan Yeo, Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Doug Foster, 3D, Ian Francis, ATMA, Zevs, Michael Najjar and Lucy McLauchlan.


And alongside the exhibition, we will be turning it up a notch through our collaboration with Pret A Diner. Bringing together some of the best chefs in the world, the underground dining experience will feature creative cuisine from Michelin-starred chefs Nuno Mendes (Viajante, London), Matthias Schmidt (Villa Merton, Frankfurt) and Juan Amador, (Amador, Mannheim).


Exhibition works

The Minotaur

Antony Micallef, Uzi Lover 1, 2007

Antony Micallef, Uzi Lover 2, 2007

Sage Vaughn, Misfit, 2010

Conor Harrington, Bring the Noise, 2010

Alexandre Farto / Vhils, Corpocracy, 2010

Nina Fowler, Bull - Varied Edition, 2010

Doug Foster, Islands of the Blessed, 2011

Gary Taxali, Puddle, 2011

Sage Vaughn, Mating Dance, 2011

Ron English, Grade School Guernica, 2011

Mario Wagner, Isn''t This Where We Came In?, 2011

Antony Micallef, Minotaur with Fauna, 2011

Ian Francis, Separated into its Key Parts the Minotaur Loses its Magic, 2011

Ian Francis, Theseus Crosses a Line, 2011

Stanley Donwood, Burning Labyrinth, 2011

Stanley Donwood, Some Kind of Monster, 2011

Stanley Donwood, Far Away is Close at Hand in Images of Elsewhere, 2011

Stanley Donwood, There has been No Quiet; there will be No Peace, 2011

Stanley Donwood, We Who are Still Alive are Unreal in the Eyes of the Dead, 2011

ATMA, Minotaurus, 2011

David Choe, Mingeotaur, 2011

Conor Harrington, Death in the Afternoon, 2011

3D, Death By Remote Control, 2011

Antony Micallef, Guardian With Beasts, 2011

Michael Najjar, Figura Serpentina, 2011

Michael Najjar, Danae, 2011

Zevs / Aguirre Schwarz, Wall Street Motherboard, 2011

ATMA, Minotaurus, 2011

Michael Najjar, Netropolis, 2003

Michael Najjar, The Singularity, 2006

Boxi, Ariadne, 2011


Steve Lazarides - Minotaur

The latest expo at The Old Vic Tunnels feature a sonic installation by Thom Yorke and two sculptures made from what appear to be dead rats.
William Oliver, Dazed & Confused, 17 Oct 2011

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Steve Lazarides - Minotaur

The latest expo at The Old Vic Tunnels feature a sonic installation by Thom Yorke and two sculptures made from what appear to be dead rats.
William Oliver, Dazed & Confused, 17 Oct 2011

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