Group showBedlam

9 - 21 October 2012
Off-Site (Old Vic Tunnels)

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9 - 21 October 2012


Off-Site (Old Vic Tunnels)


"Bedlam over the years has become synonymous with madness, chaos and pandemonium, it seemed like the perfect theme for a world gone mad. Be afraid." - Steve Lazarides


For the third and final year, Lazarides will be returning underground to the Old Vic Tunnels to resurrect the madness of previous years in a brand new exhibition. Bedlam, presented in association with HTC, will launch this October to coincide with Frieze Art Fair for two very mental weeks.


Taking its queue from London's infamous mental institute, the art event expands upon the term's modern day usage to include the brutality long associated with lunatic asylums to a much looser interpretation indicative of a state of chaos, disorder and extreme confusion. It will certainly leave you questioning your compos mentis, an experience that will showcase the line between genius and madness has never been so thin.



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