Jamie HewlettThe Suggestionists

21 June - 31 August 2019
Lazinc Sackville

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21 June - 31 August 2019


Lazinc Sackville

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10:00am - 6:00pm



Lazinc is proud to present its first solo exhibition with renowned artist, designer and co-founder of Gorillaz Jamie Hewlett titled, The Suggestionists.  


The artist will present three different multi-media bodies of work which explore various themes- Tarot, Pines and Honey. These sections are brought together under one umbrella by their respective suggestive and evocative implications.


Tarot, one of three bodies of works from Jamie's exhibition is an homage to the world of tarotica. Inspired by a book on the legendary Tarot de Marseille deck by Chilean-French art filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, which his wife gave him, Hewlett subsequently produced 22 large-scale tarot cards. Painstakingly replicating each card, this body of work took three years to successfully complete. The artist hand-painted each one in watercolour, gouache and India ink. Hewlett has taken his original source of inspiration and expanded them into beautifully surreal and absurd scenes. 


Pines, is the second of three bodies of work from Jamie's exhibition. This series features exquisitely expressive drawings that take the viewer into an enchanted woodland. The trees fill the frame, their intricate details playing with light and dark producing an almost photorealistic effect. This body of work serves to brings together the wild and mystical essence that runs throughout the exhibition. 


Honey, the final section, sees Hewlett take on the sexual exploitation of 60s and 70s movies. This series revolves around a fictional female character named Honey. A series of light boxes help to evoke a seedy adult cinema aesthetic to help convey the intrinsic nature of the works. Hewlett in turn draws heavily from the vocabulary of B-movie language to create posters that are racy, provocative and, at the same time, incredibly authentic in their feel. 

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'The Suggestionists' a New Solo Exhibition by Artist Jamie Hewlett

Uber-talented artist, designer and Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett has brought a superb must-see new solo exhibition, The Suggestionists, to London's Lazinc gallery, opening today. The MALESTROM has had a sneak peek and the verdict is a resounding YES!
James Johnson, The Malestrom, Jun 21 2019

Gorillaz Co-Creator Jamie Hewlett to Open 'The Suggestionists' Exhibition at Lazinc London

Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett is bringing a solo exhibition, The Suggestionists, to London's Lazinc gallery this month, presenting a selection of multi-media works across three different areas: Tarot, Pines and Honey.
Nia Groce, Hypebeast, Jun 19 2019

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Billie Manning, Culture Calling, Jun 17 2019

Witty new paintings by Jamie Hewlett that shine a light on modern culture

In his latest solo exhibition, The Suggestionists, renowned artist, designer and co-founder of Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett shines a witty light on the conscious and unconscious, the 'everyday' and the fantastical.
Tora Baker, Creative Boom, Jul 2 2019
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