Oliver JeffersObservations on Modern Life

5 April - 1 June 2019
Lazinc Sackville

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5 April - 1 June 2019


Lazinc Sackville

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Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm


Lazinc is delighted to present its third solo show with award winning artist, illustrator and author, Oliver Jeffers. Observations on Modern Life is the first comprehensive showcase of Jeffers' work from the past decade. 


Through his exploration of sculpture, painting, found images and collage, Jeffers takes inspiration from the world today and reflects this through his often social, political and humorously led works.


"…In recent years I have started taking political motivations for how maps have been drawn, and turning them on their head, using the visual language of cartography as a means to make other social commentary. By making environmental, apolitical and sometimes humorous comments on maps and globes, I have been addressing issues I feel strongly about regarding how random maps are in the first place, how arbitrary the carving up of things and drawing of borders are."


Jeffers' maps and globes retrace the exact geographical borders which divide us. However, through his use of language Jeffers seeks to humanize our view of these boundaries. His use of phrases such as, "people live here" or "land", to represent the various countries remind us of the ties that unite humanity, bringing us together as one coherent body.


In his disaster series, Jeffers takes found canvases from the streets of New York and "completes" their conventional background by superimposing painted images of different objects. These artistic interventions serve to drastically change the nature of the original canvases. For example, a large broken ship can be seen protruding from the top of a tree. Such scenarios reference catastrophic moments in history such as the sinking of the Titanic, whilst also suggesting that contemporary society's interests lay more in the spectacle of drama than in the tranquility of daily life.


Jeffers' work carefully explores the various political and social issues at play in today's society holding a mirror to the happenings around us, whilst always maintaining a sense of satire and playfulness throughout his practice.

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Apple Stores will celebrate Earth Day by using creativity to imagine a better world

Apple has teamed up with artist and storyteller Oliver Jeffers to share an educational activity built around Apple's Everyone Can Create curriculum for teachers. The sessions will encourage students to photograph the world around them and use iPad drawing apps to sketch the world the way they want to see it on top of their image.
Michael Steeber, 9 to 5 Mac, Apr 18 2019

Oliver Jeffers returns to the capital

The artist and author Oliver Jeffers is back in the capital, with his third solo exhibition. Observations on Modern Life is the first to showcase the collage work of the Northern Irish artist, with more than 50 pieces created over the last decade which capture his style of adding humour to futile situations.
Luke Blackall, London Live, Apr 10 2019

Oliver Jeffers breaks down borders, butch Irish men and Brexit

The Northern Irish artist, illustrator and writer Oliver Jeffers is a little bit of a polymath with a wry, endearing take on modern life.
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20 questions with... Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an Irish artist, designer, illustrator and writer. Jeffers is most well-known for his picture books, especially Here We Are, his most recent publication.
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Oliver Jeffers: Observations on Modern Life

Lazinc is presenting its third solo exhibition with award-winning artist, illustrator, and author, Oliver Jeffers.
Mark Westall, FAD Magazine, Apr 4 2019

Oliver Jeffers: ‘Patriotism is suspect, but I can get behind cultures’

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the concept of borders is something of an obsession for Northern Irish artist Oliver Jeffers who now lives in Brooklyn.
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Oliver Jeffers' Observations on Modern Life

Best known to most for his kiddie-friendly illustration work, a new London exhibition celebrates Oliver Jeffers' sculptural and collage work created over the past 10 years.
Emily Gosling, Creative Boom, Apr 15 2019

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Award-winning artist, illustrator and author Oliver Jeffers' largest UK solo exhibition, Observations on Modern Life is currently on show at Mayfair's Lazinc Gallery.
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Sir David Attenborough’s new Netflix Original series ‘Our Planet’ is both a visual masterpiece and an urgent call to action. We meet its producers, Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey. Plus: artist Oliver Jeffers on how politics informs creativity, and a review of the weekend newspapers.
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Oliver Jeffers exhibition distills a world in flux

Most widely known for his children's books, Jeffers returns with a new exhibition that holds a magnifying glass over the chaos of the world we live in.
Megan Williams, Creative Review, Apr 26 2019

Oliver Jeffers: Observations on Modern Life

We had a chat with Oliver Jeffers, the award winning artist, illustrator and author in his studio in Brooklyn, ahead of his upcoming exhibition at Lazinc Gallery in London, ‘Observations on Modern Life’.
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Oliver Jeffers: Observations on Modern Life

An exhibition of sculptural and collage work by the artist, illustrator and author Oliver Jeffers.
Sarah Snaith, Eye Magazine (Online), Mar 26 2019

Free Seed

On this week's show, our guests were artist Oliver Jeffers, and Photographer Haris Nukem.
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April in London 2019

Irish artist Oliver Jeffers is best known for his beautiful picture books - he won a BAFTA for the animated short film of Lost and Found - but he's also a fine artist with a painting in the National Portrait Gallery.
Victoria Forde, LondonTown, Apr 8 2019
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