Group show Still Here, A Decade Of Lazarides

12 February - 24 March 2016
Lazarides Rathbone

Exhibition detail

In February 2016, Lazarides will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a group exhibition from the gallery's most celebrated and pioneering artists. For the landmark exhibition, the gallery has invited back those artists who have helped shape the gallery to take over their flagship space in the heart of London's Fitzrovia.

Visitors to the gallery will be invited to view unique originals across the three floors of at Lazarides Rathbone by over 30 artists significant to the gallery's legacy: 3D, Aiko, Anthony Lister, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Brett Amory, Chloe Early, David Choe, Doug Foster, FAILE, Frank Laws, Gary Taxali, Herbert Baglione, Hush, Ian Francis, Invader, Joe Rush, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Karim Zeriahen, Katrin Fridriks, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Marcus Jansen, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Mode 2, Nina Pandolfo, Oliver Jeffers, Pete Hawkins, Ron English, Sage Vaughn, Scott Campbell, Sickboy, Stanley Donwood, TEACH, Todd James, Vhils, Xenz and Zevs.


These artists have formed the backbone of Lazarides' mission, each challenging the norm of what is acceptable within the art world, simultaneously providing art that is free and accessible to an international public without discrimination. Over the last decade, Lazarides has assumed a pivotal role promoting those artists thriving outside the conventional contemporary art market.


Since Steve Lazarides' conception of Lazarides in 2006, the gallery has spanned international territories and undergone myriad transformations that echo its artists' constantly evolving and progressing practice.


Since the inception of the gallery's current space on Rathbone Place, Lazarides has hosted numerous, diverse exhibitions, including JR's Crossing (2015) featuring his latest film ELLIS, and 3D's Fire Sale (2013), a retrospective of imagery paying homage to Massive Attack's visual history. Lazarides continues to be a forerunner in revolutionary off-site projects and immersive art experiences – from Los Angeles to New York, Frankfurt, Moscow and Istanbul – as well as taking part in art fairs and collaborating with museums, partner galleries, art fairs and private collection around the globe.

Exhibition works

Still Here, A Decade of Lazarides

David Choe, Bring Da Ruckus, 2008

David Choe, Bat Fags, 2010

Bäst, Cow Neon, 2010

Antony Micallef, I Shit Diamonds, 2011

Aiko, Pin-up 2, 2014

Marcus Jansen, The Observer, 2014

Oliver Jeffers, I Have Trouble Remembering Names Part 2, 2015

Nina Pandolfo, To Dream, 2015

HUSH, Trials & Errors, 2015

JR, Women Are Heroes, Elizabeth Kamanga on sea, Le Havre, France, 2014

Stanley Donwood, Lost Angeles, 2016

Frank Laws, Crosby Walk, 2016

Know Hope / Addam Yekutieli, Intuitive Recognition, 2016

Know Hope / Addam Yekutieli, Our Side/Their Side (There Are These Commonalities, Though), 2016

Ian Francis, Revolving Cage, 2016

Miaz Brothers, Lady Z, 2016

Miaz Brothers, Ghost n° 9, 2016

Chloe Early, Long Haul Lullaby, 2016

Zevs / Aguirre Schwarz, Oil Painting BP Pink / Red, 2015

Xenz, Murmuration, 2016

Ian Francis, Collecting Arrows, 2016

3D, Redmouse, 2016

3D, Double Heart, 2016

Alexandre Farto / Vhils, Collapse 5, 2015

Katrin Fridriks, Magic & Noble Awakening, 2016

Pete Hawkins, Superstar, 2016

Pete Hawkins, Song Bird, 2016

Joe Rush, Hornbill, 2016

Joe Rush, Espresso Love, 2016

Joe Rush, Blueboy, 2016

Brett Amory, From Desire, 2016

FAILE, This One''s Just Right, 2016

Doug Foster, Fortuna''s Wheel, 2016

Gary Taxali, Assemblage #12, 2016

Gary Taxali, Assemblage #7, 2016

Ron English, Mummy Marge, 2016

Karim Zeriahen, The Arms of Unconsciousness, 2016

Anthony Lister, Monkey Prank, 2016

Mode 2, Feminist Meetings, 2016

Lucy McLauchlan, Reliant, 2016

Lucy McLauchlan, Male (dependant: 73 days), 2016

Lucy McLauchlan, Female (singular), 2016

Lucy McLauchlan, Female (plural), 2016

Invader, Ipnotic, 2016

Scott Campbell, Never Again. Again., 2016

Sickboy, The Luminescent Diorama Became Normal, 2016

Sickboy, My House Was Close To Yours, 2016

TEACH, Die For The Rest Of Your Life, 2016

Jonathan Yeo, Brown Heart Garden, 2016


Still Here: Steve Lazarides on ten years of challenging the art market

I wish that there were more galleries like us, someone should have come and kicked our ass by now. There’s no rule book. Just do shit and people will come.
It's Nice That, 4 Feb 2016

Celebrating a Decade of Lazarides Gallery

I have no set criteria. I’m not looking for any one specific thing. I don’t even tend to look as much anymore. If things come through or recommendations, it can spark something off. It’s as simple as that.
Aesthetica Magazine, 8 Feb 2016
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