Paul Insect, Dead Sid on Gold

Edition of 150
76 cm x 58 cm
Four-colour screenprint on paper
Signed, dated and numbered by the artist
Paul Insect, Dead Sid on Gold, 2007
£ 535.00

Paul Insect

Barcoded coffins on billboards, bearded religious figures smoking straights, and babies with heads full of circuit boards, just a standard page in Paul Insect's sketchbook. Paul Insect's images are provoking and prodigious, dripping as much with sensitivity and gravitas as they are with sex and death. His refined interpretations of visceral subject matter depict the frustrations of a modern man, teeming with unkempt aggression and sexuality, but yearning for a higher moral purpose. In his London show Poison , Insect replaced Victorian graphics with Dadaist collages and tempered them with a joyous use of colour. He toys with themes of...
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