New Qatari investment announced for Lazarides gallery

9 February 2016

Steve Lazarides' disruptive activity within the notoriously elitist art sector has attracted many sympathizers. Today, he announces a partnership with an art lover of a similar mindset. In Lazarides' own words, "We may be an odd couple, but we approach art from the same perspective and have a common goal for the future of the gallery".

Wissam Al Mana is a prolific art collector and a strong supporter of the style and manner in which Lazarides has done business. His support prompts a paradigm shift in the gallery's ambitions.

Qatari-born Al Mana is the owner of an eponymous conglomerate operating various activities, from real estate to retail, in eight countries. Aged 40, Wissam was raised and educated in London where he discovered his love for fashion and design after working Saturday jobs in boutiques on King's Road from the tender age of 14.

The partnership has been facilitated by Pierre Lussato of Skylar Group. "Pierre is a rare commodity in the world of finance", says Lazarides. "He understands the nuances of contemporary art and shares the same vision as myself and Wissam".

With the operational and financial backing of the Qatari businessman, the evolution of Lazarides' business will be significant.

Read the full official press release.

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Lazarides is pleased to present ‘Wounded’, Juan Miguel Palacios’ first solo London exhibition.
Wall Street International, 15 Jul 2017

Katrin Fridriks participates in Little Sun's latest project

Yesterday, The Solar Panel Collection opened at TOA Berlin, in the Haus of Tech Area. This very special project has...
12 July 2017

Juan Miguel Palacios opens exhibition at Lazarides

Lazarides is presenting ‘Wounded’, Juan Miguel Palacios’ first solo London exhibition.
ArtDaily, 6 Jul 2017

Juan Miguel Palacios’ “Wounded” at Lazarides.

Currently on view at Lazarides Gallery in London, England is artist Juan Miguel Palacios’ brilliant solo exhibition “Wounded.”
Supersonic Art, 5 Jul 2017

Juan Miguel Palacios Wounded

Palacios has always been fascinated by the human face and it’s gestural language because of its communicative character and beauty.
Peter Gill, International Art Exhibitions, 23 Jun 2017

Juan Miguel Palacios

Juan Miguel Palacios’ first London solo show, ‘Wounded‘ opened last week at Lazarides Gallery and will run until 22nd July.
Josh Jones, Le Cool, 22 Jun 2017

Meet the artist: Juan Miguel Palacios

Juan Miguel Palacios' exhibition, Wounded, is fast approaching, with the show's private view only a few days away. So before...
19 June 2017

Juan Miguel Palacios, "WOUNDED" solo show at Lazarides Gallery Rathbone

Empathy is hard to get by these days, especially if you live in the city. Take Los Angeles for instance, one of the biggest city in the US; a budding metropolis — where three million people (including myself) live.
Mark Changco, Doze Collective, 12 Jun 2017

Interview: Lazinc talks with Chris Ellis aka Daze

Today we're sitting down with Chris Ellis, or as some of you know him; Daze. The Brooklyn-born artist began painting...
23 May 2017

Things To Do Today In London: Monday 22 May 2017

Israel/Palestine is a complex political situation for an artist to tackle. Artist Addam Yekutieli has collated letters of personal stories from all sides involved and then replicated some of those words on what look like pieces of the wall that separates them...
Londonist, 22 May 2017

Artist Talk: Addam Yekutieli

Addam Yekutieli came to Lazarides to talk about about his previously projects, current exhibition and his general progression as an artist...
19 May 2017

It Took Me Till Now to Find You

Lazarides is pleased to present It Took Me Till Now to Find You, a new project by Addam Yekutieli, aka Know Hope.
Wall Street International Magazine, 11 May 2017

It Took Me Till Now to Find You

Last month, Lazarides Gallery opened a brand new show by Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope.
Arrested Motion , 3 May 2017

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope: It Took Me Till Now to Find You

When you read the words "It took me till now to find you" what is your gut instinct?
LDN Graffiti, 27 Apr 2017

Banksy in London: all you need to know

Ok, first things first, who is Banksy?
Timeout, 26 Apr 2017

Exhibition Preview: Addam Yekutieli

It Took Me Till Now to Find You by Addam Yekutieli opens to the public on 28th April 2017, the exhibition focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the effects of the segregation wall.
20 April 2017

"It Took Me Till Now to Find You" Project by Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope

"It Took Me Till Now to Find You" at Lazarides is a new project by Addam Yekutieli, aka Know Hope.
Juxtapoz, 14 Apr 2017

Meet the artist: Addam Yekutieli

On the 28th April, Lazarides will be opening its Spring show It Took Me Till Now to Find You by...
13 April 2017

From Lazarides to Los Angeles, Doug Foster's latest collaboration!

It wasn't too long ago that we were looking at Doug Foster's mesmerising installations on our own walls for the...
6 April 2017

Addam Yekutieli’s ‘It Took Me Till Now To Find You’ at Lazarides, London

Lazarides, London, is all set to present Addam Yekutieli’s latest project 'It Took Me Till Now to Find You', from April 28 through June 10, 2017.

Exhibition Preview: Jerome Lagarrigue

In March 2017 Jerome showcased his solo show at Lazarides: The Tipping Point. The show focuses on the moments in history where things simply fall apart...
14 March 2017

Meet the artist: Jerome Lagarrigue

Everyone who loves the world of Art has seen at least one of Jerome Lagarrigue's sensational canvases. Now, Lazarides has...
2 March 2017

The Tipping Point

Working in over-sized dimensions…the brushstrokes, a shade of tone, a move of the spatula, they all tell us what is hidden behind what we have seen a thousand times.
Wall Street International, 12 Feb 2017

Exhibition The Road: Soho

LEADING commercial street art gallery Lazarides' first exhibition of 2017 focuses on James Lavelle's pioneering music label Mo'Wax and band UNKLE, which emerged in the 1990's, bringing together street art and fashion so stikingly.
Rahul Verma , Metro (UK), 27 Jan 2017


In anticipation of UNKLE’s forthcoming album THE ROAD, Lazarides is hosting an immersive show that celebrates 25 years of UNKLE by going back to its roots in Soho, London’s hub of counter culture.
Juxtapoz (USA), 20 Jan 2017

Lazarides in London opens dedicated Banksy Print Gallery

The Banksy Print Gallery was opened this month by Lazarides inside the Mondrian London, and has an on-street entrance to the gallery showcasing a broad range of prints by the artist, as well as photographs taken by owner Steve Lazarides who acted as Banksy’s agent until 2009.
Lonely Planet, 21 Dec 2016

Banksy's Former Agent on the Artist's Most Notorious and Best-Selling Pieces

Having first met Banksy in Bristol while taking his portrait for Sleaze Nation, photographer and gallerist Steve Lazarides forged a lasting relationship with the elusive street artist, becoming his agent and going on to play a major part in Banksy’s explosive rise to global fame in what Lazarides dubs “11 years of complete and utter insanity.”
HYPEBEAST, 21 Dec 2016

Lazarides launch Banksy Print Gallery in time for Christmas

Banksy Print Gallery, has taken over the former Lazarides Editions space in the Mondrian London on South Bank with its own street-facing entrance.
Fad magazine, 13 Dec 2016

Banksy’s coming to South Bank in the form of Lazarides new Gallery!

Lazarides is about to add to your South Bank experience by opening a new gallery dedicated to Banksy prints! The...
29 November 2016

"Tropical Miscegenation" by Finok

It's not everyday that Brazil's culture is brought to London but Finok has managed to do that with his art. His first London solo exhibition will be showcased at Lazarides, London as our last exhibition of 2016!
23 November 2016

Finok’s ‘Tropical Miscegenation’ at Lazarides Gallery, London

“Tropical Miscegenation,” an exhibition featuring the works of Brazilian artist Raphael Sagarra a.k.a Finok will run from November 25, through December 23, 2016, at Lazarides Gallery, London.
Blouin artinfo, 23 Nov 2016

Golgo’s First London Exhibition · FLESH · BLOOD · SUBSTANCE ·

· FLESH · BLOOD · SUBSTANCE · is the debut London exhibition from Mexican artist Golgo. Running now and until the 12th November 2016, Andreas Hijar aka Golgo shows his own personal interpretation of life and death through a series of canvases focused on the combination of anatomy and symbolism.
Twin, 18 Oct 2016

Would you let your arm be randomly inked by a tattooist to the stars?

When Scott Campbell brought his Whole Glory project to the Frieze art fair in London, there was no shortage of willing volunteers.
The Guardian, 10 Oct 2016

Would you let someone give you a free mystery tattoo?

At the centre of a gallery is a hole in a wall. Behind it is renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell. He tattoos for free any arm that comes through.
BBC News, 9 Oct 2016

No pain, no gain

Collectors in London for Frieze week might be tempted to get a tattoo while they’re in town (go out to a vernissage, get drunk, get a skin etching). Lazarides Gallery is offering some brave and reckless guinea pigs the chance to get a tattoo for free—but there’s a catch.
The Art Newspaper, 5 Oct 2016

‘I tattoo whatever I want on people’s arms’

The freedom to tattoo anything you like on someone is somthing any tattoo artist fantasises about, because normally your canvas has an opinion.
Financial Times, 1 Oct 2016

Karim Zeriahen at Parisian Nuit Blanche 2016

LazInc is very pleased to announce that French artist Karim Zeriahen is going to participate in this year Nuit Blanche...
29 September 2016

Want to put your arm through a glory hole and get tattooed?

Scott Campbell has tattooed the flesh of Marc Jacobs and Courtney Love – now he wants to ink you. But you’ll have absolutely no say over what you’re getting
Dazed Confused, 29 Sep 2016

Oliver Jeffers in conversation with Lazarides

Lazarides Gallery will host a Q&A with artist Oliver Jeffers at the Mondrian Hotel (20 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD)...
28 September 2016

Celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell giving free inkings

Campbell, who has inked up the likes of Heath Ledger, is offering a handful of free tattoos – but recipients won't get a say in what they have done
Evening Standard, 27 Sep 2016

Must-visit style destinations during London Fashion Week

See the current exhibition, Beyond Meninas from Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo. Her new body of work celebrates girl power as it focuses on women and their multifaceted complexity. Lazarides Gallery, 11 Rathbone Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1HR.
Vogue italy, 16 Sep 2016

The Strength of the Female Gaze: Nina Pandolfo at Lazarides Rathbone

Nina Pandolfo is one of Brazil’s most eminent artists working today. Pandolfo painted on the streets as a young girl in São Paulo, compelled by her impulse to create art for those who do not have the privilege of visiting galleries or museums.
After Nyne, 7 Sep 2016

Nina Pandolfo is back in London with exciting new projects!

Sao Paulo based Nina Pandolfo is working on some exciting new projects in collaboration with Lazarides Gallery. In conjunction with...
31 August 2016

Know Hope's Vicariously Speaking project

At the beginning of 2016, Know Hope (the pseudonym of artist Addam Yekutieli) began writing to prisoners on death row...
2 August 2016

Scoular Image: Marcus Jansen

Marcus Jansen’s Milan exhibition, Decade, touches on several subjects such as war, humanity and society, all in the artist’s recognizable style...
29 July 2016

Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick, Somerset House

LazInc is extremely proud that Invader, Doug Foster and Paul Insect all feature in the new Somerset House exhibition, Daydreaming...
20 July 2016

New Miaz Brothers print now available online!

LazInc Editions are proud to announce the release of Friend #5, the brand new limited edition fine art print from...
9 May 2016

Maser’s debut solo show transforms Lazarides gallery

The first London solo exhibition by Irish artist Maser opened last week at Lazarides Rathbone. Orbiting On The Periphery features...
15 April 2016

Vhils: Debris in Hong Kong

From the moment that Vhils invited me to make a film around his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, we both agreed that we wanted to give it a dimension and depth that would go beyond a mere "making of" about the show.
Nowness, 29 Mar 2016

The making of Stanley Donwood's The Contagion of New Troy lino cut print edition

Stanley Donwood is no stranger to the art of relief printmaking, having utilised the process to great effect when creating...
23 March 2016

Steve Lazarides talks to Susie Mesure of The Independent

I've always called myself the accidental art dealer because this isn't really what I ever planned on doing. But I had a driving ambition to show people that you can do things differently.
Susie Mesure, Independent, 11 Mar 2016

Steve Lazarides talks to Reuters TRT World

Steve Lazarides recently spoke to Reuters TRT World about the history of the gallery and its current anniversary exhibition.
Vimeo, 10 Mar 2016
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