Our 2017 highlights so far… from James Lavelle to Juan Miguel Palacios!

7 August 2017

We have some really amazing surprises up our sleeve but unfortunately due to the hard work that needs to be put in to pull these surprises off, we won’t be opening a new exhibition until October.


Don’t worry though, as we will still be updating you on what we are up to over the coming months and sharing our favourite artwork with you.


To kick it off, we’re going to go through our favourite moments of our 2017 shows so far, in chronological order:


1)    The insanely long queue for the private view of Daydreaming with UNKLE… THE ROAD: SOHO.

It was great to see so many people take the time out to visit the gallery. The exhibition combined music, art, virtual reality and an archive of items from James Lavelle’s collection.

The exhibition had artwork from the likes of 3D, Futura 2000, Doug Foster and even a giant blue and white teddy bear with UNKLE tattoos... 


Daydreaming with UNKLE... THE ROAD: SOHO queue



2)    The virtual reality room.

Daydreaming with UNKLE… THE ROAD: SOHO also featured a virtual reality room which enabled visitors to put on a headset and step into Doug Foster's mesmerising artwork.

We even had a visitor comment that she’d always wanted to go to space and the virtual reality was exactly the kind of magical experience she’d imagined space would be.

Here is a preview of some of Doug's work:


3)    The response to Jerome Lagarrigue’s exhibition.

The Tipping Point was not only received well but it was an art exhibition where everyone understood what the artist was trying to portray.

The artwork was created with no pinpointed geographic location or clues to where the scene takes place. This enabled each viewer to place the artwork in their own world, and allowed the artwork to touch every nationality that saw it.

Here are a few comments from the gallery visitors:


Jerome Lagarrigue | Besieged

"I love the colour and I love the movement in particular" - Lespiaucq  

Jerome Lagarrigue | Installation Views

"It reminds me of the work of Connor Harrington, I like Connor Harrington a lot." "I like that he focusses on current affairs and I can see the Goya connection." - Lourdes Garcia 

Jerome Lagarrigue | Thrower 2

"I love the grey over the top, it's like smoke and water. The freedom of it is fantastic and I love to see work in this scale." - Zaki Dee
4)    The artist.  

We definitely do not have favourites but The Tipping Point was our first solo-exhibition with Jerome Lagarrigue and he was an absolute delight to have in both the office and the gallery.

We even managed to pin him down for an interview where he told us about the time he drew Nina Simone in the hope of getting some francs to buy a new Star Wars toy when he was younger… 


Jerome Lagarrigue | Studio Image


5)    The story behind Addam Yekutieli’s exhibition.

It Took Me Till Now to Find You was one of the most emotionally-charged exhibitions that Lazarides has been a part of. The project showed the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the feelings of the people involved.

To do this, Addam gathered letters from citizens from both sides of the segregation wall. Each author wrote about something different: one detailed a mother worried for her daughter’s future in a place full of boundaries, another a holocaust survivor trying to get in touch with her childhood friend.

These letters were featured throughout the artwork and most of us were left with a lump in our throat after viewing the full show.


Addam Yekutieli | It Took Me Till Now to Find You 

It Took Me Till Now to Find You (letter)


6)      The talks.

Addam Yekutieli is an extremely passionate artist and it was amazing to hear him speak about his exhibition, It Took Me Till Now to Find You.

We were fortunate enough to have two events where we were able to ask Addam questions. One was even filmed and posted online so you can still watch it now! There’s no better way to learn more about an artist than when it comes from their own mouth!



7)    The depth in Juan Miguel Palacios’ art. 

We love artists that use physical depth in their work as well as mental depth. Usually it is Vhils who is bringing an extra dimension into the gallery, however this time it was Juan Miguel Palacios with his debut exhibition, Wounded. It was the artist’s first time showing on his own in the UK and it was a spectacular show… 


Juan Miguel Palacios | Wounded


8)    The subject.

The traditional theme of the female form has been shown in various different ways but the striking imagery created by Juan Miguel Palacios is something many of us have never seen before:


Juan Miguel Palacios | Wounded



Juan Miguel Palacios | Wounded



That's the end of our exhibition re-cap, so all that is left now is for you to decide what exhibition was your favourite!
A closer look

Exclusive Images

Have a scroll through some of our exclusive images of the exhibitions being set-up, private views and artwork that you may not have seen before... 

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