JR's latest thought-provoking work...

12 September 2017

JR’s art provokes thoughts, questions and curiosity in all of those that view his pieces, it doesn’t matter if you are seeing his work through a photograph, in a gallery or standing next to one of his installations; he will always leave you full of emotion.


 The artist has revealed his latest piece, a black and white photograph of a dark haired, one year old boy; his name is Kikito and he lives with his mother and grandparents in Tecate, Mexico. The photograph alone may leave a viewer confused but the position and the size of the piece raise the inquisitive nature in all of us, the same nature that the child expresses…


The work is right next to the US-Mexico border and at almost 70 feet. Kikito’s portrait seemingly looks over the border and into San Diego, with his hands clutching the barrier.


The piece in itself is powerful but it is not the first of its kind. A couple of years ago, JR took his project Inside Out 11M to the USA. The project involved large posters of ‘invisible’ illegal immigrants, from those who cook our food and transport our parcels, to those who are our lawyers, teachers, artists and much more. Kikito is a continuation of this project.  


JR | Street Art Giant

“One day, I had a dream and the only think I remember was the image of a kid looking above a border. So, I tried to find a kid and a border to recreate the image. And here is it. My dream had no caption, and I can’t tell you exactly what it means.” - JR

So, what does it mean? That part is up to you.


Is the boy looking over the border, worried about things that are happening in the USA? Is he exploring as children do, wishing he could visit the other side? What if he is longing for his father who works long hours in your favourite New York restaurant? The possibilities are endless.


No one knows what Kikito is thinking. No one knows what the future brings when it comes to borders, immigration and refugees. The only thing we do know is that a child so young does not know of any closed doors, walls or barriers; everything is simple and freedom is everywhere.


Have an opinion on this project? We’d love to hear from you, just email!  

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