Meet the artist: Jerome Lagarrigue

2 March 2017

Everyone who loves the world of Art has seen at least one of Jerome Lagarrigue's sensational canvases. Now, Lazarides has brought his canvases to London. Lagarrigue's show, The Tipping Point, is open to the public from 3rd March 2017 and dives into many different aspects of the world, from history all the way to politics – and we all know what a wide spectrum that is!


His paintings hone in on human emotion, giving the viewer the pieces of a puzzle and letting them draw their own conclusions to the story within the artwork… These powerful images will leave you with a million questions and there's no doubt that many of them will be about the artist himself!


Fortunately, we have the pleasure of having Jerome in our company whilst the exhibition is on… And it's about time we got to know him a little better:


So, our first question, and without a doubt the most important one – why did you become an artist?

"I don't know why I decided to become an artist, but I do remember when… I have a vivid memory of copying a Mickey Mouse at age 7, everything made sense for me at that moment. My father is an artist also, so I guess it was second nature for me to give it a shot."


Ah, so we have Mickey Mouse to thank for these beautiful pieces! Do you often have moments where you're suddenly inspired?

"All of my senses seem to activate themselves at nightfall, the moment in time when the shifting light blurs visibility, transforming colour to create a dream like atmosphere."


Your artwork seems to reflect that creative process… Is there any particular artwork in this exhibition that you slightly favour?

"'Portrait of an unknown protester' and 'La Charge' are potentially my 2 favourite of the exhibit."



It's great to see them finally on the gallery walls, now the whole of London can come see them too. What would you like those visitors to think when they visit?

"There isn't a particular message in my work. I want to provoke a feeling in the viewer. I want these paintings to raise questions rather than answers. I want the viewer to complete the story, to fill in the blanks. I want visitors to walk away hopefully thinking they just saw impactful paintings. The paintings were produced with a high level of enthusiasm and passion, hopefully it shows!"


I've got no doubt about that, these pieces are extremely topical, which is pretty exciting…

"I think the two most exciting components of this exhibition for me are the location, and perhaps the context. This will be my first solo exhibit in London, in a gallery that I admire for its daring and unique vision."


We've asked you a lot of semi-serious stuff, so let's get on with a few fun questions before we let you get back to work… If you could repurpose a museum, what purpose would you give it?

"If I had more power I wouldn't necessarily re purpose the goal of a museum but rather reinforce the welcoming of its visitors regardless of their background, whether it be race, gender or social status."


Hopefully everyone will feel like that when visiting your Lazarides' show. So, final question… We know your paintings tell their own stories, but it's time for you to tell us a story from your art career… Anything at all!

"I know just the story… Nina Simone was a close friend of my mother's while we lived in Paris in the early 80's. Nina Simone was to stop by for dinner and I had the idea of drawing her portrait expecting her to give me a couple of francs to buy a toy (probably Star Wars related). Nina arrived and before she had a chance to take her coat off I rushed to give her the portrait. I remember her saying "is this me?" to which I replied a hesitant "yes". She thanked me, folded the drawing and placed it in her purse. Looking back, it was such a terrible portrait of her…"


Well, we weren't expecting a story like that! Thanks for sharing Jerome. It's been great talking to you.

Exhibition dates
The exhibition runs from 3rd March 2017 to 13th April 2017
Opening hours
Gallery: Tuesday by appointment, Wednesday–Saturday 11am–7pm. Admission is free
Office: Monday–Friday 10am–6pm
Contact details
Address: 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR

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Installation Views

The Tipping Point

A look at Jerome Lagarrigue's 2017 exhibition with Lazinc... 

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