From Lazarides to Los Angeles, Doug Foster's latest collaboration!

6 April 2017

It wasn't too long ago that we were looking at Doug Foster's mesmerising installations on our own walls for the Daydreaming with UNKLE… THE ROAD: SOHO exhibition, now he's showing two new pieces in Los Angeles!


You can find his most recent films, Dormouse and The Marvel, in an industrial warehouse that has been transformed into a multi-media art collaboration. Hong Kong-based British artist, Simon Birch, is the mastermind behind this installation, which is named The 14th Factory. It showcases everything from videos, to sculptures, to live performances. Birch's concept is to bring back the life in underutilised urban spaces, creating a socially-engaged environment full of art.


The 14th Factory follows a "hero's journey" through a labyrinth of rooms containing different artworks and interactive experiences by various of artists, and if you're a big Doug Foster fan you'll be happy to hear that his films open and end the journey.


Dormouse is the first film installation to be encountered as you enter the exhibition, the film itself was shot in Beijing and features well known Chinese performance artists Chang Xin, Li Wei, Yang Zhichao amongst others…


You'll end your journey with The Marvel, which explores the idea of transformation through a visual interpretation of eight trigrams that constitute the Later-Heaven BaGua.


All in all, the show sounds amazing. We had to ask Doug what his highlight was and it seems it is the same as many of the visitors – the meticulous reconstruction of the sinister bedroom seen at the end of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 film: A Space Odyssey.


To visit please contact The 14th Factory directly…


For information on pieces by Doug Foster please contact or browse the originals or prints online ...

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