Doug Foster

“The patterns and rhythms that I use are designed to beguile the eye and lower the heart rate. Often my aim is to create a calming sanctuary from the sensory overload of the modern world.”

Doug Foster’s work takes art installations to a new level, with the artist focussing on how the viewer will feel when they interact with the art. Doug has been involved in many projects and exhibitions with Lazinc, including group shows in the Old Vic Tunnels such as Hell’s Half Arce, The Minotaur and Bedlam. 

“My work often consists of precise, geometric arrangements of recognisable organic elements. I never generate imagery on a computer, although I do edit digitally. Every element that I use is filmed in motion, often rotating on a turntable or sinking through water.”

Doug Foster In The Naughty Chair

Lazarides is delighted to present Doug Foster’s first solo-show with the gallery. The immersive digital art exhibition is a first for the Fitzrovia space, with Doug’s large-scale high-definition pieces featuring throughout the show…

The immersive digital art exhibition is a first for the Fitzrovia space, with Doug’s large-scale high-definition pieces featuring throughout the show…

21 January - 17 February 2011

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Doug Foster

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From Lazarides to Los Angeles, Doug Foster's latest collaboration!

It wasn't too long ago that we were looking at Doug Foster's mesmerising installations on our own walls for the...
6 April 2017

Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick, Somerset House

LazInc is extremely proud that Invader, Doug Foster and Paul Insect all feature in the new Somerset House exhibition, Daydreaming...
20 July 2016

Group show Still Here, A Decade Of Lazarides

In February 2016, Lazarides will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a group exhibition from the gallery's most celebrated and pioneering...
12 February - 24 March 2016

Celebrating a Decade of Lazarides Gallery

I have no set criteria. I’m not looking for any one specific thing. I don’t even tend to look as much anymore. If things come through or recommendations, it can spark something off. It’s as simple as that.
Aesthetica Magazine, 8 Feb 2016

Exhibition preview: BRUTAL

Lazarides and The Vinyl Factory present BRUTAL, a savage exhibition of original art. In response to the theme BRUTAL sixteen artists showcase installations, murals, film, animation, sound and more...
19 October 2013

Group show BRUTAL

'A BRUTAL show in a beautiful building for brutal times' – Steve Lazarides Lazarides are excited to announce BRUTAL, our...
15 - 27 October 2013

Group show Bedlam

'Bedlam over the years has become synonymous with madness, chaos and pandemonium, it seemed like the perfect theme for a...
9 - 21 October 2012

Group show The Minotaur

We are delighted to announce our return to The Old Vic Tunnels this year from 10th until 25th October. Countering...
11 - 25 October 2011

Doug Foster In The Naughty Chair

Lazarides Rathbone kicks off 2011 with a huge warm welcome to Doug Foster, the latest addition to their stable of...
21 January - 17 February 2011

Group show Hell's Half Acre

Launching the 12th October, Lazarides in collaboration with The Old Vic Tunnels invites you to our newest off-site exhibition, Hell's...
12 - 17 October 2010
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