"When I first met this scruffy, grumpy guy back in 1997 I would have never guessed that 20 years on he would be the most famous artist of his generation, and that his work would be studied on school curriculums"

- Steve Lazarides

"I worked with him for 11 glorious years, during which time we broke every rule in the art rule book along with a fair few laws. He has since gone on to become a global superstar and has retained his ability to shock and make people chuckle"

- Steve Lazarides


Prints by Banksy

Take a look through our collection of secondary-market prints by one of the most innovative artist's in street art... 


Festival - Unsigned, 2006
57.5 cm x 77 cm
Three-colour screenprint on paper


Applause - Unsigned, 2006
84 cm x 123 cm
Three-colour screenprint on paper


Morons - unsigned, 2006
56 cm x 76 cm Framed : 67.5 x 87.5 x 6 cm
Three-colour screenprint on paper


Save or Delete (Greenpeace Print), 2002
40.5 cm x 58 cm
Offset lithograph


Sale Ends - Unsigned, 2006
57.5 cm x 77 cm
Three-colour screenprint on paper


Grannies - Unsigned, 2006
57.5 cm x 77 cm
Two-colour screenprint on paper

Banksy Print Gallery

If you are in London and want to see some of Banksy's most famous prints in the flesh, why not visit our gallery? The space is dedicated to all things Banksy!

If you are in London and want to see some of Banksy's most famous prints in the flesh, why not visit our gallery?

See also

Street Art: Banksy's Girls....

Banksy is one of the most acclaimed street artists of our time. His work is sought out by private collectors...
6 November 2017

Banksy in London: all you need to know

Ok, first things first, who is Banksy?
Timeout, 26 Apr 2017

Lazarides in London opens dedicated Banksy Print Gallery

The Banksy Print Gallery was opened this month by Lazarides inside the Mondrian London, and has an on-street entrance to the gallery showcasing a broad range of prints by the artist, as well as photographs taken by owner Steve Lazarides who acted as Banksy’s agent until 2009.
Lonely Planet, 21 Dec 2016

Banksy's Former Agent on the Artist's Most Notorious and Best-Selling Pieces

Having first met Banksy in Bristol while taking his portrait for Sleaze Nation, photographer and gallerist Steve Lazarides forged a lasting relationship with the elusive street artist, becoming his agent and going on to play a major part in Banksy’s explosive rise to global fame in what Lazarides dubs “11 years of complete and utter insanity.”
HYPEBEAST, 21 Dec 2016

Lazarides launch Banksy Print Gallery in time for Christmas

Banksy Print Gallery, has taken over the former Lazarides Editions space in the Mondrian London on South Bank with its own street-facing entrance.
Fad magazine, 13 Dec 2016

Banksy’s coming to South Bank in the form of Lazarides new Gallery!

Lazarides is about to add to your South Bank experience by opening a new gallery dedicated to Banksy prints! The...
29 November 2016

Steve Lazarides talks to Susie Mesure of The Independent

I've always called myself the accidental art dealer because this isn't really what I ever planned on doing. But I had a driving ambition to show people that you can do things differently.
Susie Mesure, Independent, 11 Mar 2016

Steve Lazarides on his S|2 show in Hong Kong and the rise of Street Art

Street art, says Steve Lazarides, is “not just about backpacks and spray cans anymore. It’s something bigger.”
Sothebys, 9 Mar 2016

Group show Still Here, A Decade Of Lazarides

In February 2016, Lazarides will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a group exhibition from the gallery's most celebrated and pioneering...
12 February - 24 March 2016

Steve Lazarides on life after Banksy

Lazarides helped make Banksy's career but now he's focusing his energies on other artists...
The Irish Times, 4 Feb 2015

Collectors Turn to Prints

Editions are becoming an increasingly popular way of hanging brand-name art on a wall at a palatable price.
New York Times, 30 Jan 2015

Steve Lazarides’s Banksy Auction Tests the Artist’s Market

Why not push boundaries and see what happens? Everybody does it—they just lie about it.
Artsy, 26 Jan 2015

Banksy's gets mainstream showing off at Sotheby's

Steve Lazarides, who worked with Banksy as his first art dealer up until 2008, has brought together 70 authenticated, career-spanning pieces for an exhibition and sale.
BBC News , 6 Jun 2014

First Banksy retrospective unveiled in London

The first retrospective of Banksy’s artwork has been unveiled in London, featuring some of the graffiti artist’s best-known works.
Independent, 6 Jun 2014

Sotheby's cleans up on Banksy at £500k a time

Lazarides says the 10 years he spent as Banksy's photographer, fixer, van driver, and eventually agent was the most fun he's ever had.
The Guardian, 6 Jun 2014

Banksy exhibition due to open in London

Cameras have been allowed into a forthcoming Banksy Exhibition at the Sotheby's gallery in London. Ruth Banks reports.
ITV News , 6 Jun 2014

Banksy's Ex-Gallerist Talks About Their Breakup, Depictions of Hell

Hell—not exactly the place you want to end up. But how’s about a quick peek, just to see what all the fuss is about?
Susan Michals, Vanity Fair, 11 Oct 2010
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