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Archival Originals

Antony Micallef's artwork progression is stunning, the modern expressionist has a strong relationship with his canvases which is extremely visible when looking through his work. Here are some of our favourite pieces... 

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Antony Micallef
Self Portrait on Red, 2015
Oil on french linen, framed behind non-reflective museum glass
135 cm x 112 cm
Antony Micallef
Study of An Embrace #1, 2015
Oil on french linen, framed behind non-reflective museum glass
180 cm x 140 cm
Antony Micallef
I Shit Diamonds, 2011
Signed on the reverse
Oil, acrylic, lipstick and paper collage on linen; framed in a pink box frame
144 cm x 144 cm
Antony Micallef
Monarch, 2012
Oil on linen
220 cm x 180 cm
Antony Micallef
Broken - Becoming Animal, 2009
Oil and lipstick on card
59 cm x 80 cm
"Art was the only thing that really made sense where other things seemed utterly confusing"

 Antony Micallef describes himself as a ‘modern expressionist’, with his work examining the complex relationship with consumerism and indulgence. Micallef has made his stamp on the contemporary art world with his unique style, and he continues to influence art enthusiasts around the world today…

"When you get everything just in the right place it’s the equivalent of throwing a jigsaw puzzle into the air and every piece landing in exactly the right place when it hits the bottom"  

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Antony Micallef - Happy Deep Inside My Heart

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