Faile - Q&A

1. Current projects - what are you up to?

Painting big canvases

2. Plans for the year - what's coming up?

The Paint as much as possable and to get a proper show in NY Show at the baltic center for contemporary art Working on a book of prints.

3. Top five Directors (film or theatre)?

Stanley Kubrick
Spike Jones
Wes Anderson
John Hughs
Jim Jarmusch

4. Top Five Books?

The Dictionary
Banksy - wall and peace
Kama Sutra, The Quintessential Guide
The Joy of Cooking
Sun Tzu - The Art of War

5. City you've been to in the last 12 months?

Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Singapore, Washington DC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Berlin, London, Ibeza.

6. Most peaceful countryside experience of the last 12 months (a day at the sea, a walk, barrel burning, cheese rolling, nettle eating etc)?

Well there are three of us:
1.Rushford Minnesota
2.Summerland British Columbia Canada
3.ishigaki island, okinawa

7. Favourite eating place?


8. Are you salad cream or mayonnaise?

We are all three mixed.