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The FAILE collective are one of the most popular and recognizable international producers of street-displayed artwork. Their allure has prompted an invitation to paint the exterior of London's Tate Modern gallery in May 2008. In 2007 their shows in London and New York sold out instantly, and inspired memorable, and widely-reported, scenes amongst would-be buyers that were considerably uglier than FAILE's charming and eye-catching art.

Eliminating the problem of painting of walls whilst keeping one eye out for the authorities by simply slapping the finished art up as a flyposter, FAILE's tremedously appealing work graces brick surfaces across the world. Lacking in aggression, perhaps, but certainly not passion, the pieces here testify that the real power of Americana is that it can always be appropriated and enjoyed on one's own terms.

FAILE have produced four books featuring art and writing, the most recent of which, Lavender, was released in 2005.

They are the nice guys of the graffiti world, and like all nice guys they will win in the end.


World Famous Faile Space CenterSummer Night CruiseScarlett Lipped & Faile FreshBunny Boy 2010 Box 4November Triptych 2, 2009November Triptych 1, 2009The RainNeed FaileAbandoned DelightsThis is Faile DogsFalling BetweenStar Spangled ShadowsWrong End PaletteGlimmering Shadows: Box 20Glimmering Shadows: Box 07Glimmering Shadows: Box 05Warriors ForgottenIn Search of Sacred VisionsNYC 11TemptationNYC 55NYC 83NYC 02NYC 53K5 EscortsFaile Mary Yellow Page 3Push # 1Push 2Braving FaileLook Inside 1986Smoking SilenceNYC 100Faile Wooden Box 08 NovStill Only 86cReal Life Yellow and Blue PagesHe Said It Was LoveFaile Wooden Box 20 NovFaile Wooden Box 12 NovNYC 23Faile Box London # 34Faile Box London # 31Faile Box London # 32Faile Box London # 36Smoking Special BlackSmoking Special OrangeBunny Boy BronzeNYC 59NYC 88NYC 68NYC 35NYC 56NYC 03Faile Jesus Tiger Study


Logan Hicks: Toe The Line


After yet another funding cut across public schools in the states, The Outsiders favourite, Logan Hicks has organised an online auction to benefit his son's school, PS 132 in Brooklyn. Toe The Line includes contributions from some of street art's best known names: FAILE, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Chris Stain, Dabs and Myla, How and Nosm, and Eric Haze, among many others.

You can view all the works and bid for the next 7 days until the auction comes to close, so share, spread the love and show your support for an extremely worthwhile cause.

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New Year Round Up At Lazarides


Lazarides' artists have hit the ground running this year with museum shows, street projects and interdisciplinary collaborations across the globe. FAILE have been busy working with the New York City Ballet on their recent Art Series performances. Les Ballets De FAILE was created specifically for performances on February 1st and May 29th, as well as public viewing between the 10th and 17th February. JR joined his creative partner, Jose Parla, in London last night for a one off Q&A at the ICA to discuss their recent project, The Wrinkles of the City: Havana. And finally, Invader has returned to his home city of Paris to continue spreading his pop-culture inspired mosaics with an awesome new Pink Panther piece.

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FAILE In Mongolia


FAILE unveiled their newest work last week with Mungolian sculptor, Bat Munkh, entitled Wolf Within. The piece was created in conjunction with the global Tiger Translate initiative that aims to uncover the best emerging creative talents across Asia and provide them with opportunities to collaborate with their more established Western counterparts. The steel, granite and fiberglass creation can be found at the National Garden Park, in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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Faile Taking Exteriors To The Next Level


A brand new FAILE mural lands in Williamsburg, quite practically titled 104 N. 7th, departs from the usual pop-art look the duo are best known for and features thousands of hand-painted, sculpted ceramic tiles covering the facade of a commercial building near their studio. The work was commissioned by Vice and 42Below Vodka, who teamed up to host a coming out party for the work last Thursday evening.

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Fragments Of Faile Launches At Rathbone


This Thursday evening gone, we welcomed back FAILE to our flagship gallery on Rathbone Place. Fans queued to purchase signed show poster prints and friends lingered well into the evening musing over the latest body of work. Showcasing a mixture of works on wood, book covers and brand-spanking new canvases, Fragments of FAILE is certainly not to be missed so make sure you swing by before the 3rd December.

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