Miaz Brothers' debut London showcase now open

Friday 16th of May 2014

Last night marked the long-awaited opening of Dematerialized: A New Contemporary Vision by Valencia-based collaborative duo, Miaz Brothers. Having displayed teaser canvases at Lazarides' Art14 stand earlier this year and at 2013's group exhibition Fresh Paint the brothers promised to deliver a knock-out solo showcase ... and they did not disappoint! The distinguished new body of meticulous large-scale portraits and ambitious mixed media sculptures completely sold-out prior to the exhibition's unveiling.

Commenting on the role of painting and also the ubiquity of the photographic image, the works are situated almost above classification. Moving away from obtrusive modern surroundings of high definition images and persistent advertisements the Miaz Brothers seek to evoke a deeper, more personal response from their viewers. Using their expressive multi-layered works as a reference point the artists force their spectators to delve within their own consciousness and emotional history, discovering something distinctively individual at each glance.

Extending their exploration into new mediums for this show, the acclaimed painters are also exhibiting a variety of experimental sculptural works rooted within the same ethos and context.

Dematerialized: A New Contemporary Vision will be running at Lazarides Rathbone until 14th June.