Conor Harrington studio visit: Eat And Delete coming soon

Wednesday 7th of May 2014

It's with heightened anticipation and exhaustible excitement that we eagerly await Conor Harrington's upcoming solo exhibition later this year.

Marking the Irish artist's New York debut, the exhibition titled Eat and Delete will showcase 10-12 distinctive new large-scale canvases in continuation of the themes first explored in his 2012's Dead Meat.

Looking at the past to highlight the present, Harrington continues his investigation of a period when European superpowers were at their most powerful and exposes the hypocrisy of empire, status and wealth accrued through less than wholesome means.

After gaining exclusive access to the painter's East London studio, we couldn't wait to share a few teasers of Harrington's idiosyncratic work in progress. Raiding the vaults of art history, Harrington spent time at the National Gallery before commencing the new body of work, alongside his usual decadent photoshoots, taking us on a theatrical and cinematic journey from beauty and opulence towards violence and destruction.

It goes without saying that Eat and Delete promises to be one of Conor Harrington's most impressive displays to date. Stay tuned for more details to be announced surrounding the grand unveiling Stateside this Autumn.