Artists Anonymous Flying Between Zurich, Stockholm And London

Wednesday 18th of September 2013

Artist Anonymous' multi media approach to classical oil painting and conceptual installation art has sure found its feet in Europe this year, with exhibitions opening in Zurich, Stockholm and London in less than two months; there appears to be no rest for the creative collective. Wetterling Gallery has proudly kicked off their 2013 Autumn season with Artists Anonymous' first solo exhibition in Sweden: ugly = beauty pretty never is composed of two challenging installations that focus on portrait painting, the making of images and the relation between painting, photography and film. While their evocative solo exhibition Anonymous for 15 Minutes is due to close at Ivo Kamm Gallery at the end of this month, the duo are already getting prepared to open a third exhibition, System of a Dawn, at London based Berloni Gallery in mid October, inviting you to into a surreal distortion of the three floored, five room interior, creating an immersive environment not to be forgotton.

Anonymous for 15 Minutes will be running until the 28th September at Ivo Kamm Gallery, Zurich.

ugly = beauty pretty never will be running until the 29th September at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm.

System of a Dawn will be running from 15th October until 14th December at Berloni, London.