Ralph Steadman's birds on the edge of extinction – in pictures

The Guardian, July 2015

Printin Backwuds by Ralph Steadman runs at Lazarides Editions from 17 July – 13 August

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Hunter and Ralph: birds of a gonzo feather

The Sunday Times, July 2015

They were the Butch and Sundance of wild journalism and though Hunter S Thompson is no more, his artist ...

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Hazed and Confused: The Disorienting Portraiture of the Miaz Brothers

Artsy, June 2015

Paintings by the Italian Miaz Brothers are subtle, eerie, and born out of a collaborative effort...

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Greenwich Peninsula: the new hip quarter

The Times, May 2015

The property market in London is fast-moving but competition is usually less fierce when it comes to homes in ...

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Somali Pirates and Ditzy Sunbathers in the Tragicomic Paintings of Todd James

Artsy, May 2015

“I don’t really think about what gets across to the audience. I create to entertain ...

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Step Into Todd James's Hyper-Colored Fantasy With His New Solo Exhibition at Lazarides

Complex, April 2015

Todd James once again invites viewers into his world with the opening of a new solo exhibition ...

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Adventure & Escape: After Nyne Meets Todd James aka REAS

After Nyne, April 2015

While many would expect a shock in transition from the streets into a gallery space, the artist has continued ...

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Lazarides London Opens Landmark Alexandre Farto/Vhils Show

Blouin Artinfo, April 2015

A multidisciplinary exhibition of work by renowned Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils has ...

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Guide To London

Condé Nast Traveller, April 2015

One of 2014's most eagerly anticipated new London hotels incorporates hip art gallery Lazarides Editions

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Inspiration Interview: Vhils

Le Cool, March 2015

Portuguese street artist Vhils has one of the most recognisable styles in the world.

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Back of House Creators: Antony Micallef

Back of House, February 2015

We sat down with the Notting-Hill native, Antony Micallef to talk about his exhibition, disturbing kisses and ...

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How I Survived Art Education and Made It Into the Art World

Huffington Post, February 2015

Antony Micallef takes over Huffington Post's blog to discuss his solo exhibition and growing up in a ...

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Selfie Backlash: Antony Micallef Paints Himself, Viciously

Artsy, February 2015

In the era of the selfie, everyone’s trying to capture his or her own image...

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Inspiration Interview: Antony Micallef

Le Cool, February 2015

Antony Micallef is one of the finest painters in the land right now and that’s a fact. 

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Inner Self: After Nyne meets... Antony Micallef

After Nyne, February 2015

Antony Micallef's highly-anticipated solo show stands to conviction in unveiling an intimate and honest ...

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Steve Lazarides on life after Banksy

The Irish Times, February 2015

Lazarides helped make Banksy's career but now he's focusing his energies on other artists...

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Collectors Turn to Prints

The New York Times, January 2015

Editions are becoming an increasingly popular way of hanging brand-name art on a wall at a palatable price.

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Steve Lazarides’s Banksy Auction Tests the Artist’s Market

Artsy, January 2015

Why not push boundaries and see what happens? Everybody does it—they just lie about it. 

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Sage Vaughn: Beyond the Cover

Juxtapoz, January 2015

To officially kick off the year, we are proud to announce the February 2015 issue with cover artist, Sage ...

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