News Archive: September 2013

3D And The Art Of Massive Attack: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set

Lazarides are extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of 3D and the art of Massive Attack, limited edition box set, available for pre-order through The Vinyl Factory this week. The long anticipated hardback book follows 3D's epic solo ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan's Buddy System, Bien Urbain And Birmingham Commission

It's your last chance to catch Lucy McLauchlan and fellow artist Rich Jacobs in Buddy System Invitational at Portland's Breeze Block Gallery this month, running until the 28th September. Curator Sven Davis invited 22 international artists to ... read more

Artists Anonymous Flying Between Zurich, Stockholm And London

Artist Anonymous' multi media approach to classical oil painting and conceptual installation art has sure found its feet in Europe this year, with exhibitions opening in Zurich, Stockholm and London in less than two months; there appears to be no rest ... read more

Oliver Jeffers' Nothing To See Here Opens At Lazarides Rathbone

As swarms of fans, friends and family flocked to Lazarides Rathbone, there proved a lot to see at the launch of Oliver Jeffers' solo exhibition, Nothing To See Here. The air was buzzing as guests took in the inquisitive and contradictory illustrative ... read more

Stanley Donwood's Haunting Holloways Coming To The Outsiders London

The scorching summer is coming to an end, sun-kissed commuters are dragging their heels back into the city and Stanley Donwood has been torn from his Somerset studio for another outstanding solo exhibition at The Outsiders London. Far Away is Close at ... read more

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