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Know Hope Heads Stateside To Join Rochester Roster

As Know Hope's tremendous debut exhibition The Abstract and the Very Real comes to a close we can reveal some of his newest street art that has been going up across the pond since he left London at the beginning of the month. First stop is Atlanta and ... read more

An Evening With Oliver Jeffers At The Southbank Centre

As we eagerly await the arrival of one of our newest additions to the Lazarides roster, New York based Oliver Jeffers has been busy making London plans of his own. With a new best selling picture book launching around the corner and a debut solo ... read more

Zevs' new print is out of this world

Liquidated Atlas World Wide is the new screen print edition from international street art superstar Zevs. And in a first from The Outsiders, it's for sale from today in two sizes. The regular edition of 75 measures 70cm by 100cm – but also for ... read more

A sneak peek at Lucy McLauchlan's commission for the new Library Of Birmingham

Lucy McLauchlan was recently invited to create a mammoth, site-specific installation within the Book Rotunda of the new Library of Birmingham. Scheduled to open to the public 3rd September, the library is set to be the largest in Europe and will feature ... read more

Brett Amory rocks down to Brixton's Electric Avenue

London 24/7, Brett Amory's 2014 exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone, will feature his acclaimed urban landscapes, but with a twist. The works will profile Britain's capital city, meaning they're the first of Brett's paintings to include ... read more

Cleon Peterson paints Los Angeles red

The red terror is upon is. Controversial artist Cleon Peterson got his cherry picker on for the first time this week, painting a debut mural in his hometown of Los Angeles. Only recently discharged from his June 2013 UK solo exhibition debut There is A ... read more

The Whoresley Show Celebrated on Film

The launch party for The Whoresley Show at The Outsiders London featured an eclectic gathering of Soho's glitterati. Film director Mark Sloper and curator Marine Tanguy teamed up to record the night for posterity.As Sebastian Horsley himself wrote in ... read more

David Choe plays exquisite corpse before Mexico City Museum show

David Choe is ready for Mexico City. But is Mexico City ready for David Choe? The star artist and controversial cult figure opens his first ever museum exhibition, titled Snowman Monkey BBQ, at the supposedly crime-ridden metropolis's Universitario ... read more

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Sebastian Horsley

The Outsiders London presents the eccentric retrospective of noted libertine, dandy, writer and artist Sebastian Horsley. The Whoresley Show opened last Thursday with a soho spectacle of friends, fans and family turning out in abundance to celebrate the ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan's Murals Travel To The Azores For The Summer

As always, Lucy McLauchlan has been hitting the road hard this summer, leaving some of her most beautiful street works and the confinements of studio and gallery in her wake. Portuguese Walk & Talk Festival was one of her first stops, with various ... read more

VNA London Launch Takes Over Lazarides Rathbone

With a queue starting mid-afternoon and a full house by 6.15pm the eagerly anticipated VNA launch caused the same stir with loyal London fans as it did over in the Big Apple. Despite the humidity and blazing sunshine Lazarides Rathbone was packed for most ... read more

VNA Issue 23 Featuring FAILE To Launch From London And New York

VNA Issue 23 is set to launch in London this Thursday at Lazarides Rathbone, featuring prolific duo FAILE. It comes as no surprise that this issue has caused quite a stir, with launches taking place in both New York and London, as well as hand ... read more

Know Hope's debut solo exhibition finally open

The curtain was finally lifted on Know Hope's debut solo exhibition, The Abstract and the Very Real, at Lazarides Rathbone last night. After a busy week of installation, filming, street interventions and site visits the sun came pouring in with a ... read more

Conor Harrington heads mural action in Rochester, New York

Hardly a week goes by these days without another Conor Harrington mural cropping up at some mysterious location around the globe. His most recent street works are part of Wall\Therapy festival, a public, community-level intervention in New York using ... read more

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