News Archive: June 2013

Conor Harrington Pulls A Royal Flush With His New Masterpiece

There's no rest for the wicked and Conor Harrington is certainly no exception, after barely stepping foot back on English soil he was marched into the studio to finish his brand new 7 by 8 foot masterpiece, Watch Your Palace Fall. In keeping with ... read more

Some Things Are Worth The Wait ... Charlie Isoe Is Definitely One Of Them!

After a mysterious period of hibernation in the depths of the Berlin underworld, Charlie Isoe has finally decided to treat us to a fresh body of work with more vigour and style than ever before. It was with an anxious sense of excitement that we welcomed ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan: A Month Of Murals And Exhibitions

It's been a busy month for the lovely Lucy McLauchlan: featuring in The Outsiders current exhibition, A Study of Studies; contributing work in The Public's Ordinary/Extra/Ordinary group show; and making a swift return visit to Moscow for some ... read more

Antony Micallef Shitting Diamonds At Execution Dock Studio

Over a year in the making Antony Micallef's recent print release, I Shit Diamonds, is by far the most ambitious print edition produced at our Execution Dock studio to date. Using eight different editioning processes, five laser-cut appliqué ... read more

Frank Laws Drops Into The V&A This Summer

After propelling into the Lazarides spotlight earlier this year as featured in the group exhibition Fresh Paint, Frank Laws has definitely earned his place on the "one to watch" list for 2013. This summer he will be displaying his beautifully ... read more

Miaz Brothers UK Representation

Lazarides Rathbone is delighted to officially announce our representation of artistic duo Roberto and Renato Miaz, known professionally as the Miaz Brothers. The gallery will represent Miaz Brothers for all UK sales and exhibitions. If you didn't ... read more

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