News Archive: May 2013

Fire Sale Officially OPEN

After years of discussions, months of planning and weeks in the studio Fire Sale has finally opened its doors to a very eager public. Last night saw the private opening party hosted by Mr Robert Del Naja aka 3D and our one and only Steve Lazarides at ... read more

3D's Fire Sale Coming To Lazarides Rathbone Next Week

It's taken five years of planning and months of late nights – with anyone brave enough to venture into Massive Attack mayhem leaving covered in multi-coloured glitter – but finally the long anticipated Fire Sale by 3D is upon us. As we ... read more

Sage Vaughn, Are You Here For Business Or Pleasure?

It brightened our week receiving a visit from the wonderful Sage Vaughn, bringing a brief glimpse of California sunshine in his rucksack, which is always an absolute pleasure. Although it definitely wasn't all play and no work. After installing ... read more

Escape The Golden Cage In Vienna This May

Escape The Golden Cage is an annual art affair taking place in Vienna from 16th to the 31st May, showcasing a selection of national and international artists influenced by street art, urban art and pop art. Artists taking part this year include Lazarides ... read more

Conor Harrington Mural At Dulwich Street Art Festival

This month the streets of Dulwich will be transformed as renowned street artists from around the world create an outdoor gallery of public murals based upon Baroque style, Old Master paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery's permanent collection. The ... read more

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