News Archive: April 2013

Introducing Karim Zeriahen, The Man With No Limits

Karim Zeriahen exploded onto our radars during the production of Bedlam at the recently closed Old Vic Tunnels last October. His film installation Diana vs Pussy, featuring a retired ballerina bearing a revolver developed a huge fan base and was a stand ... read more

JR's Inside Out At Tribeca Film Festival

Many people across the globe are now fully aware of JR's ongoing street art project Inside Out, whether they like it or not! After winning the 2011 TED prize he set about the global art project, inspired by his largeā€format street pastings, offering ... read more

Fresh Paint Preview At Lazarides Rathbone

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of Fresh Paint, the highly anticipated exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone featuring a selection of promising painters Steve Lazarides has tipped as being the next big thing! Fresh Paint consists of both ... read more

Conor Harrington And Lucy McLauchlan Paint Jam

With the sun finally attempting to show its face on our allegedly sceptred isle, we feel less of a tease posting these awesome photos of Lucy McLauchlan and Conor Harrington painting in Mallorca for a Beach Paint Jam over the Easter bank holiday weekend. ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan: Holding Onto Fragments Of Past Memories

From one freezing cold country to another, Lucy McLauchlan has just arrived home after installing her first solo show in Russia, Holding onto Fragments of Past Memories, at Triumph Gallery in Moscow. The exhibition manages to capture a street atmosphere ... read more

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