News Archive: October 2008

Outsiders Book Compiled By Steve Lazarides

Outsiders, a brand spanking new book featuring the best work from across the Lazarides stable is now out at all good book stores and some bad ones too ...Divided into "Out", "In" and "Other" this volume showcases all that is ... read more

FAILE - Lost In Glimmering Shadows

Lazarides is proud to present ...'Lost In Glimmering Shadows', the eagerly awaited show of new work by New York collective FAILE. The show will take place at an off site location, a former school in Kennington and will include never seen before ... read more

Antony Micallef - GSK Contemporary RA

We are pleased to announce Antony Micallef with be contributing to the Royal Academy's inaugural GSK Contemporary exhibition.The exhibition features more than 20 art exhibitions, 40 live events and 100 film screenings over each of the next three ... read more

David Choe Book

After months of waiting the David Choe book has finally arrived! Including impressive full page colour images of originals, prints and street work and hand written notes by the artist. They are £25 each. Please call the print shop on +44 (0)203 238 ... read more

JR - '28 Millimeters'

JR's highly anticipated hardcover book 'JR/28 millimeters', his first one to be published under the Lazarides Flagship, has finally arrived in the Print Room on Charing Cross Road and 8 Greek Street in Soho.It contains the faces of the people ... read more

Banksy's Village Pet Shop And Charcoal Grill

Pet lovers and carnivores rejoice! Located on an unassuming corner of Manhattan, Banksy's latest offering sees a fully kitted out Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill open to the public. Fur coats with twitching tails, hot dogs frolicking under heat lamps and ... read more

Outsiders New York

Due to overwhelming demand from the good people of New York we are going to keep the Outsiders show open for a further two weeks and close on October 26.Thanks to everyone who came to the private view and who has been through so far. If you haven't ... read more

28 Millimetres: Women

The hills have eyes – and the Borders on Charing Cross does too!Through my foggy slow-vodka induced haze I see these massive eyes, as large as a hut, they are hovering in front of me. Shining and clear, like the imagined water-mirror on a hot desert ... read more

The Lazarides Extravaganza

High on the roaring success of the Outsiders show in New York we returned home this week to a call from the lawyers. They have been contacted by the gambling commission and it appears that the Lazarides extravaganza could in fact be what is known as an ... read more

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