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Easter Bank Holiday Closure

Lazarides Rathbone and The Outsiders London will be closed from Friday 18th April until Tuesday 22nd April for the Easter holidays. The Outsiders Newcastle will be open as usual and look forward to seeing you over the bank holiday weekend to Jason ... read more

Introducing Karim Zeriahen's Female Muses

For as long as we can remember, artists have been inspired by the presence of certain other individuals in their lives that have motivated them to create their best work. The concept of the muse goes all the way back to ancient Greek mythology where ... read more

Jonathan Yeo: Portraits At The Lowry, Manchester

For those of you that missed Jonathan Yeo's iconic retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery last year, the self-taught artist has recently unveiled yet another museum showcase, Jonathan Yeo: Portraits, at The Lowry, Manchester. Many of the ... read more

MTV RE:DEFINE Charity Auction At Dallas Contemporary

This week marks the climax of MTV RE:DEFINE's highly anticipated rock n roll themed charity auction, in partnership with Dallas Contemporary and The Goss Michael Foundation. Returning to Dallas for a third year, the dynamic exhibition and auction ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan Weaves Her Way From Detroit To Culver City

Lucy McLauchlan braved glacial temperatures last December while embarking on her newest mural commission, Underlying Forces, at Library Street Collective's Z project. Featuring the work of 26 international street artists, the project spanned ten ... read more

Brett Amory Supporting Hackney's I Am Here Project

For those of you that have already managed to visit Brett Amory's Twenty-Four In London you would have noticed his unique artwork inspired by public art project, I Am Here. This distinct piece within the exhibition features inspirational individuals ... read more

Antony Micallef's Kill Your Idol At St Marylebone Church

As Easter swiftly approaches, London-based figurative painter Antony Micallef has contributed a new biblical inspired work to group exhibition, Stations Of The Cross. Produced by public arts organisation, Art Below and held at St Marylebone Parish Church ... read more

Brett Amory's Twenty-Four In London Now Open

After a furious week of installation, set dressing and prop scavenging Brett Amory's debut exhibiton at Lazarides Rathbone has finally opened its doors to the public. The multi-sensory experience tells an intimate story of each Londoner Amory observed ... read more

From World Domination To Supernatural, Todd James Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Last year was far from laid back for NYC-based street art pioneer Todd James: London solo exhibition World Domination along with LA MOCA Vandal's Bedroom recreation; costume design for "that" Miley Cyrus VNA performance; collaboration with ... read more

Lazarides Welcomes Contemporary Expressionist Painter Marcus Jansen

Manhattan-born Marcus Jansen is one of America's pioneering contemporary urban painters, a former combat soldier now highly acclaimed for his gritty landscapes and modern expressionist style. Jansen's influences span decades, ranging from the ... read more

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