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JR presents UPRISING: An Inside Out Project at CAC Málaga

"JR is a reflection of the way art generates movements for change, with the street and people as the means of expression. Art allows us to know who we are and what we are capable of." – Fernando Francés, Director of CAC ... read more

Lazarides Editions presents Nicholas Ganz's Street Messages

"Humans have been communicating for thousands of years by writing text in public spaces – on walls, on buildings and on roads themselves. The tradition continues today with the many street artists who work only with text. Street Messages is the ... read more

Miaz Brothers unveil A Boundless Vision at Lazarides Rathbone

Last week Lazarides welcomed the Miaz Brothers back to the gallery for their second solo exhibition at Rathbone Place. Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision continues the Italian siblings' idiosyncratic portraiture style, presenting an all-female cast ... read more

Frank Laws celebrates his first solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone

Frank Laws makes his debut appearance at Lazarides Rathbone this month with a new solo showcase aptly titled Celebration. The exhibition follows the British painter's recent full-scale presentation at The Outsiders Newcastle as well as acclaimed ... read more

Lucy McLauchlan at The New Art Gallery Walsall

"How do we understand the concept of the local within an increasingly globalised context? What impact does the transformation of our local environment have on our identity and our communities?" The New Art Gallery Walsall presents a powerful new ... read more

Oliver Jeffers Dipped Paintings 2012-2017

In 2012 Oliver Jeffers embarked on an ambitious artistic pursuit to simultaneously explore the practice of portraiture as well as time's confounding effects on memory. By the project's conclusion, it will have evolved over a period of five years, ... read more

Marcus Jansen presents his debut museum world tour

Marcus Jansen is set to embrace the global stage with a new series of touring museum exhibitions. Examine and Report presents a major body of large-scale canvases and installations, travelling across Europe, China and America from 2015 until 2017. ... read more

Ralph Steadman visits Lazarides Editions ahead of his Nextinction showcase

Lazarides Editions is proud to present a brand new exhibition and print release with one of the world's most renowned and politically charged cartoonists, Ralph Steadman. In a year that has seen cartoons profoundly affect international relations, we ... read more

Katrin Fridriks' Perception of the Stendhal Syndrome at Venice Biennale 2015

This May, The European Cultural Centre presents its opening exhibition Personal Structures – Crossing Borders, featuring Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks. The exhibition will take place during the 56th Venice Biennale and present an extensive cross ... read more

Todd James' Fantasy Island opens at Rathbone Place

Last week marked the long-awaited launch of Todd James' second solo exhibition at Rathbone Place. Fantasy Island continues themes first initiated in the NYC-based artist's 2013 showcase, World Domination, and presents a distinctive body of new ... read more

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