Ian Stevenson: Made In Broken Britain

The Outsiders Newcastle

Friday 1st of June 2012 to Saturday 7th of July 2012

Featuring Ian Stevenson

Elite British artist-illustrator Ian Stevenson's work is hilarious, adroit and often downright off-putting – like all the most resonant social commentary.

Described by Creative Review as "brilliant, visually striking, with a twisted sense of fun and what can only be described as a ridiculous sense of menace", Ian's work is an acquired taste, in the same way human flesh (probably) is. But nonetheless his fanbase is legion. Top-flight slogan artist Anthony Burrill says, "It feels like Ian's drawn universe existed long before he did, he is reporting back the things he sees, so we don't have to go there." And one of Ian's fanatical correspondents says, "Ian, my wife won't let me put the Lily Allen is a Twat poster up in the house. Should I divorce her?"

Made in Broken Britain features Corgi police vans that seem to have been smashed up by miniature rioters, impotent action figures, doctored signage that could just as easily be a picture of two fingers stuck up plus all the disabled fantasy beasts and jaded petulance that anyone could possibly require.

Ian's misguided A-list patrons include fashion designer Sir Paul Smith and film director Shane Meadows, along with a number of shadowy multi-national corporations. And The Outsiders of course, who thinks he's superb. He's less of a "faux-naive" illustrator – he's more a case of 'we need to talk about Ian." And you will.

A selection of available works from the show are now available to purchase online.

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