Gary Taxali: My Feelings Like You

The Outsiders London

Friday 4th of May 2012 to Saturday 9th of June 2012

Featuring Gary Taxali

Grammy-nominated Gary Taxali is one of north America's foremost contemporary artists, and globally recognised as one of the top fine artists working within popular culture. The Outsiders London is proud to be bringing Gary to London for his first UK solo show My Feelings Like You.

Gary's art slickly reimagines 1930s art and iconography. The resulting work posseses a nostalgic feel with a modern sensibility. Shepherd Fairey describes him as "one of those rare artists whose work is immediately inviting and familiar, yet idiosyncratic and unmistakable."

Gary celebrates the everyday, reminding the viewer that they can find elegance in the simplest matters. "I just want people to appreciate the banal: things that are accidentally beautiful," he says. Gary's graphic and textured works use oils and a variety of techniques including screenprinting, drawing and inks, often on found media and used surfaces. In My Feelings Like You there'll be a mixture of medias and collage on old book covers and paintings, in varying sizes including his largest pieces yet at 152 x 203 cm.

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