Boogie: Demons

The Outsiders Newcastle

Friday 27th of May 2011 to Saturday 25th of June 2011

Featuring Boogie

For Demons, Boogie has used antique photography techniques to conjure forth a diabolical aspect from each of his modern-day subjects. The everyday people in his portraits – be they young, old, slick or shambolic – appear possessed by infernal dark forces.

"I used a wet plate collodion process" says Boogie. "It was amazing to feel like an alchemist, mixing chemicals and pouring plates in my tiny dirty basement. There's dust and dirt everywhere and temperature varies, so the results are unpredictable. After doing the first few plates, I realised that something about this process captures peoples' darker side. So I named the series Demons. Every picture was taken in Belgrade in late autumn and winter. It was grey and gloomy, the photo exposures were long, and you could see people going crazy trying to keep still and staring in the lens."

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